Monday, September 28, 2015

Camp Is In Session

Well finally, the 2015-16 NBA season is officially underway.  The summer dragged on long enough. We were teased with free agency fiascos that sparked some interest for the NBA during the dog hot days of summer,  (See Big D and the unstable situation that transpired between them and the indecisive and partially kidnapped and held hostage, somewhat,  DeAndre Jordan). One of those storylines still dragging on from earlier in the summer is with talks of deal or no deal, shout out to Howie, between Tristan, the Energizer Bully,Thompson and the Cleveland James'.  Or is it the LeBron Cavaliers?  Either way, this has been a twist in itself like Twizzlers cuz LeBron and Tristan have the same agent. I know one thing for sure they had better figure out something because that man was a huge reason for their playoff success last season and without the "Bully"on board, pun intended, they have become considerably less physical even with the return of Love, Mozgov, and Varajao.  This saga should have every teams in the East paying close attention especially the Chicago Bulls since Thompson single-handedly hurt them on the glass in the majority of the games he suited up for to the tune of 8.9 pts and 10.4 rebs a game.  The 3.8 off rebs  is what really hurt them along with the fact the Bulls bigs had no answer for his energy. Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this suppose to be Noah's niche?  In a year where the clear cut best teams in the east was the Cavs and the Bulls, no disrespect to the ATL, the Bulls totally imploded and handed LeBron his 5th straight finals appearance. This year the east is somewhat more competitive with Miami getting better and healthier and and the Bucks one more year of experience coming in and getting Jabari Parker back from a major knee injury.   There are a bevy of interesting possibilities forming to make the east compelling for this upcoming season.

The west is the west.  It's a rush hour jam of talent out that way with everyone wondering if the "G" State can show up and show out the way they did last year or will the league do what it does and pull them back to the pack.  Last year Steph Curry, after being asked by Dan Patrick who's a better offensive player him or LeBron, Steph boldly stated, "ME," and everybody went nuts.  Then the season came around and dude went out and had an MVP year topping the league in 3's by 38 more than the next player. He avg 24 and 8 then led his team to the NBA final where he faced, you guessed it, the guy old Danny Boy had asked him about roughly 10 months prior. What did he do against him? Well let's see; 26pts, 6 asts, 2 stls per gm and shot 40% from three (check). And his opponent in the contest over the same span scored more pts per game with 36 but he did it on 40% shooting total (check). The deciding factor was Curry winning the Chip for Golden State. Their second in 40 years since Rick Barry led the team in 75 (checkmate).  So here we are on the the cusp of another season and the west is gearing toward another showdown to see who will be the last team standing in there respective conference. The Clippers added to there collection of athletic bigs by adding Josh Smith. The Spurs are the Spurs with a key ingredient in LaMarcus Aldridge joining the vintage three of Duncan, Parker, and Ginoboli. along with versatile swing Leonard and new veteran David West.  The Grizz are back for a another run with the same team which means the same results. The x factor  out west may very well be the Thunder. OKC is bringing back the leagues last 2 scoring champs in Westbrook and Durant.  The latter returning from a foot injury that kept him out for much of last season.  Durant has been cleared to play and is ready to resume his career as one of the leagues elite scorers.  If he can return to that form it is definitely going to be an intriguing to watch how those two superstars are able to mesh considering they had problems doing so in previous years shared on the court.  It may turn out to be a beautiful creation or a natural disaster.  But isn't that the usual story with Oklahoma city?  Their new head coach Billy Donovan has his work cut out for him but what a problem to have.

We have one highly anticipated change to the basketball universe and that's the total destruction of the divisional winners taking precedence over teams with better records in the playoffs.   This year that Twilight Zone theory finally gets put out to pasture for one that totally was innovative, more cutting edge, so beyond it's time. U ready for it?  Teams with the best records gets the best seeds. Wow!!  That's Why Adam Silver gets the Biiiggg Buuuccckkks! I know Memphis and San Antonio are thinking, "Thanks Commish!!!"  This league decision should make match-ups extremely exciting for the upcoming playoffs so everyone buckle-up i feel like we are going to be on a Six Flags heart stopping roller coaster of a season so keep your hands inside and and your lunch in your stomachs.  The NBA season is upon us and i'm anxious for it to take off.